Saturday, June 10, 2017

Challenge 2

Hi everyone thank you to you all for entering our first challenge and blog hop.

Your crafting makes were all brilliant.
I hope you all enjoyed taking part and that the EDT team inspired you all.
The winner of the blog hop and challenge 1 will be announced in two weeks time.

Rick has quite a lot of new digital stamps available in the zibbet store I hope you will all pop over  and have a look at his new digital stamps.
His Four Elements and Four winds digital stamps are amazing.

You can find  all the new stamps
Original 2016 zibbet

Here are the details for our next challenge.

We have a theme for you use metal on your project.

The fantastic EDT have been busy creating for your inspiration and here are their fabulous EDT makes.

to Follow

Close up of Sharon's Make

Good luck everyone and look forward to seeing your entries.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Challenge 1 and blog hop

Hi everyone the day has finally come with  the relaunch of our challenges.
We have been absent for quite a while but are now back with our fantastic challenges.

Our first challenge for you also includes a blog hop I hope you will all take part and we look forward to seeing your creations and your comments.

You can find all the details below how to enter the challenge and also how to enter the blog hop.

Blog Hop
 Theme  Use your favourite Rick St Dennis image.

Your make  can be any paper craft you want. i.e. Cards, ATC's,  journal page,  handmade decor any you want, it's up to you.

The fantastic EDT at Sparkle and Glitter have been really  busy creating for your inspiration and here are their favourite Rick St Dennis images.
We look forward to seeing yours.

Using Mood Indigo

using Colleen

Using Debbie Singin In The Rain

Using Brat Lil Witch Digital Stamp BACK for 2013

Using Skull With Roses

Using Euro Girl Sharon

Using Standing Busy Bee kid and Seated Busy Kid

To enter your makes in the challenge follow the instructions by clicking on the blue button at the end of this post.
Please remember when entering your make to include a link back to the challenge blog in your blog post.

Good luck everyone and look forward to seeing your entries.

Here are the details you need to enter the blog hop.

1) Please visit the following blogs in the order they are written  by clicking on to their name from the list below as you go to each  blog   there will be a hidden letter somewhere in the EDT's blog you  have to find. Remember to leave us a comment when visiting.

2) Write down the letters when  you have found them as you go along to each blog.

3) When you have finished you will have quite a few letters, please re-arrange the letters which will       give you a word associated with Rick St Dennis.

4)  Please then e-mail Fiona at or Lynda at                                with your answer,  

5)  At the end of the month all the correct entries will be given a number for Random org to decide          the winner.

6)  Have fun we look forward to seeing your comments.

Blog Hop Roll
Please visit the following blogs in this order.

Good luck Everyone. Get Hopping.

Blog Hop Final Letter

Hi everyone you should have arrived here from Michelle's Blog.

I hope you have enjoyed our blog hop. 

You should now have quite a few  different letters.

Your final letter is hidden somewhere in this blog.

When you have found them unscramble the letters which will make a word associated with Rick St Dennis.

Please email

With the word you have found and leave us a comment in the comments to say you have completed it.

Don't forget to enter the challenge as well by pressing

and scrolling down to the blue button.

Facebook Party and Challenges

Hi everyone I hope you will all come and join in the fun and games in our facebook group.
For our party.
The time it starts is 9am USA Time (4pm uk time).
Our challenge relaunch also starts  at the same time.
Looking forward to seeing you all. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Facebook Fun and Games

Hi everyone I hope you will all come in and join the challenges starting on the 13th May 2017.

The weekend of the 13th and 14th May 2017 we are also having to celebrate our relaunch of the challenges here a party in our facebook group.

I Hope you will all come and join in the fun and games.

Looking forward to seeing you all. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Exciting news we are Coming back.


Hi Everyone, Rick st Dennis blog challenges are coming back on Saturday  13th May 2017.

We will be a monthly challenge blog with a different  theme each month running on the second Saturday of every month.

As well as the challenges on the blog  over the coming months   there will be lots of other things happening games to play in our facebook group   launches of new stamps,  blog hops, reviews of  Rick St Dennis digital stamps.
As well as quite a few more exciting things happening.

I hope you will all come and join in the fun.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

RSD Colouring Books

I coloured the "Meermin" image from Rick St Dennis Mfa's Little Loves colouring book and then brought some digital elements and effects in with photoshop. Click this link to see all of Rick St Dennis Mfa's colouring books for sale.  Here is where the Little Loves colouring book can be purchased:

BTW, Rick is having a sale on his Dia de los Muertos 1 and 2 colouring books.  The information is in the RSD Fans and Friends group. Purchase the books on zibbet.  Here is link 1 and link 2.

"BUY Dia de los muertos 1 and 2 on 1 sale and I will refund 3.00usd to help offset Vat or local taxes-refund will be made directly to your PAYPAL account no refunds on direct pay sorry ask for a coupon code via including date of your purchase-no refunds on hard copy books sorry
If you use a coupon that qualifies as your discount."

Enjoy the rest of the week!
Lady B
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